First, for the FREE VERSION, you need to join our affiliate program . Then login to your accout => Go to the menu => Click on the tab "Download Free Copy" and follow the easy instructions that we put in that page.

For the PAID VERSION, login to your accout => Go to the menu => Click on the tab "DOWNLOAD_QBP_V.PRO" and follow the easy instructions that we put in that page.

You can also check this video tutorial for a step-by-step demonstration.

Creating a new campaign with Quick Buzz Pro is very simple.


Step 1: Click on the tab "Start New Campaign".

Step 2: Give a name to your new campaign.

Step 3: Write your deal description message. This is the area where you should explain to your prospects what they need to do in order to get rewarded.

Step 4: Write your reward Page content. This is the page that will pop up for the people who promoted your content using all the viral promotion features.


Step 1: Specify the number of website Referrals. In this first step you can specify how many referrals someone should do in order to get access to the reward page. You can chose up to 5 referral options.

Step 2: Chose your referral website link. This is the URL that people will mention in different websites out there on the Internet.

Step 3: Add keywords to the previously mentioned URL (in Step 2). The Keywords will help you get some relevant back-links with rotating keywords anchor texts. This step is very important, it has a major benefit in terms of search engine optimization. However, it's not a compulsory option. So you can skip it if you want.

Step 4: Ask people to past your pre-written article on their own blog. Note that, if you chose to activate the rotating keywords (in step 3), your will need to put the highlighted TAG in your article in order to dynamically rotate your keywords anchor texts in the article when pasted on live blogs.

Step 5: Ask people to Tweet your small message on their Twitter acounts. This way, they will share your message to all their Twitter followers. Their followers can also re-tweet your message to their followers too and so on.

Step 6: Ask people to past your pre-made Facebook post on their own Facebook walls, and their friends will like it and/or share it again and again virally.

Step 7: Ask people to send your email invitation message to their friends. You can sepcify up to 5 invitations to send at the same time. You can also ban any word, email, domain name ... so that you avoid any spam.

Step 8: Display your affiliate link below your campaigns and earn 50% commissions from any sales made from your affiliate link. We allow you to display a clickable link or a small banner or both at the same time. You can also chose to display your "Clickbank affiliate link" or your "Quick Buzz Pro affiliate link". Both links work fine. So it's up to you :-)

Please visite this page for more detailed information.

New topics will be added very soon. Meanwhile, you can check the other help videos. Each video has a Facebook comment field in order to write your questions and help other QBP users.